Gepost door: Victor Goossens | 16 juni, 2011

THE best way to solve the Greek problem is;

Put all the European government debt in one basket at the ECB (the greek debt is ‘only’ 3% of the total!). Result: Lower rates in Greece (2 year currently 28%…) and in the other PIGGS and slightly higher rates in ‘Neuro’ zone. Plus start selling Greek assets to pay back some of the loans. Budget cuts will come later and will give the Greek more time.

Greek out of the Euro is no option; With the Drachma they will surely not pay all the Euro bonds back, with a Lehman effect on French, German and other banks… Plus contagion to the other weaklings. With the Neuro and Zeuro same outcome.

Despite having cooked the books, Stay Together! Help eachother, our hole Dutch system is based on this, despite people taking advantage of the system.

The important thing is that the heavily divided politicians start to do SOMETHING.



  1. Het gaat echt net on griekenland dat is een propogander trekje om de reealitiet en de media er op gericht te houden end web.bij italia want day is de problem land met schuld dat de held pakhuis zal laten vallen


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