Gepost door: Victor Goossens | 23 juni, 2011

Read my lips… NO QE3…

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Dear Friends,
Today’s markets are exactly what you would expect as we enter illustration number three of the Skier.
Economic statistics are taking a hard fall.
Without QE who will buy US treasury issues?
Without QE where is the basis of world equity markets?
Without QE what do you think the chart of unemployment will look like?
Without QE how do you think the camouflage of the insolvent balance sheets of the financial industry will fare?
Without QE where is mortgage money coming from?
Without QE what do you think home prices will do?
Without QE how will the present Administration and the legislative be re-elected?
Without QE how will the States of the United States of America finance themselves?
Be prepared for a reversal of the decision to curtail QE at the end of June.
Be prepared for a snap back at a greater percentage of QE with a different name.
Be prepared for covert QE between July 1st and late August when stimulation goes wild.
Be prepared for gold to take out $1650 on the upside as magnets at $12,544 come into play.
Be prepared for the Inflationary Depression of all time.
Stand firm on your gold positions.
Stand firm on your discipline of NO margin.
Stand strong in your Swiss Franc and Canadian dollar positions.
Survive the MOPE and market manipulation that is so obvious today.
Jim Sinclair

En David Tepper: What the Taylor Rule suggests might be that there’s a big HOWEVER at the end of QE what everyone’s saying, which David Tepper alluded to.
Tepper: “Bernanke said no QE 3…there is no QE3 coming down the pike [and it makes for a] difficult investing environment… Maybe if the S&P is down a couple hundred points, they would reconsider.”

De wereld is na de crisis van 2008 verder volgepropt met schulden, groei is er uiteindelijk gekomen, maar tegen welke prijs?

Het heeft wel veel anderen enthousiast gemaakt en de groei kwam er, hoewel historisch gezien veel te weinig. Nu dat we op het punt staan dat de (monetaire) stimuli teneinde loopt, kan de (westerse) economie zelf uit het ziektebed stappen?

Ik denk nog niet, dus wat de markt verwacht; het einde van QE zal nog een staartje krijgen, dus geef de hoop niet op, maar we balanceren wel op het randje. Gezien recente macro cijfers glijden we af…


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