A possible Solution to the Russian War?

Not yet a market overview and expectations for Equity markets, but a possible solution to the Russian-Ukrainian War

Laren, the Netherlands


Due to the invasion of Putin’s army and the following raging war, I would like to start with something different than the markets.

In my humble knowledge of the situation and historical view on the unbelievable invasion and killing of innocent people (no one believed it was still possible in Europe, but some might have said the same thing right before World War 2 in 1939)

Why? What is the point of invading another country, do you want to occupy it, to create a bigger Reich like the former war criminal in WW2?

Or is getting into fights the only reason for Putin to stay in power, under the pretence that the Russians need a strong leader in case of (self-creating) turmoil?

Or does he really believe the ludicrous thing that NATO want to take over Russia and than what?

I believe the central point is the fact that he wants to stay in power as the Tsar/Dictator and as a former KGB officer an expert on media-manipulation and brainwashing of ‘his’ population. I heard ¾ of all Russians believe he is doing the right thing in Ukraine and don’t know of the dreadful things going on in Ukraine. The people have been manipulated for who knows how many years.

A time ago I had a discussion with an old Russian Exporter, who mentioned that his whole schooling years he was learned and trained that the West was out to destroy him and his Russian fellows. So the only people who protected you and your family was the Russian party (and it’s self enriching members, how many billionaires including Putin govern this poverty State?)

Already before the war was Russia a nagging country, less birth’s than dead’s, GDP per capita fell from $15.9k to $ 10.1k in 2020, financing problems, lack of organizations and from history the Slaves are poor in producing things or increasing services.

It has no ideology, or communism to spread it’s influence abroad. In 1991 it’s economy collapsed because of economic exhaustion. The Sovjet Union was slowly vanishing from the history books. Until the ex KGB stood up, (and it looks in a way similar to the rise of Hitler in the ’30 of the last  century) and via manipulation was able to become the dictator of Russia and the Russian proclaimed they had a leader again which would help them (off their money?).  Reality teaches it is basically George Orwell’s 1984; a totalitarian state governed by Ali Babi and the 40 thieves of the Russian population.

Nowadays the country solely thrives on it’s reserves in oil, Gas and other commodities and is getting poorer by the day, specially since it’s ludicrous war with the Ukraine.

But the main question what to do with this situation, practically?

1.An uprising of the people in Russia, as can be seen by some in Russia who are being arrested, even kids or old woman holding a white paper with nothing on it?

Not very likely regarding the very much improved mass brainwave tactics originating from Josef Goebels.

2.Do we sleepy Europeans let him have his go and divide the Ukraine in a European section and a Russian one?

Than we know it is just a matter of time before he invades the Baltic States (please note there is an isolated part of Russia with the main city of Kalingrad just below Lithuania which also ‘belongs’ to the Russian ‘Empire’), Finland, Moldavia and slowly move south…

3.China. It is rumoured the Russians asked China for help, and recently asked for drones and materials. China denounces this, but you can bet the asked. China has it’s own agenda regarding Tibet, Uighurs, Taiwan and other matters of the Chinese Party. I know China has the policy not to mingle with internal affairs within a country. Whereas their expansion and the continuous worldwide search for commodities continues every day.

On the other hand they can play a major role as a ‘neutral’ party in the negotiations between Russia and the European Alliance & NATO.

I think Putin wants a corridor between the West and Russia, like many Russians during the centuries have been negotiating and fighting for.

A possible outcome of the (long) to be negotiations could be that, besides the situation with Georgia, Ukraine will stop to pursue to become a NATO member (but would eventually go for an European membership), Moldavia joins the NATO, the Baltic states will give up their NATO membership and Finland does not join either. New members, if they would like to join, could be Sweden and Norway. It will be all in the negotiations to come.

So a save corridor can be formed between Russia and the European NATO states, where economic activity can develop further and all people can live in peace and stop the outdated fight for land and influence.

Stop the senseless killing of human beings, I though we understood from history it is surely not the way to go into the future.

Stop all wars!  

Only 4 minutes watch:

Please forward if you agree and would like to solve the situation!!!

Kind regards,

Victor Goossens

Readings, video’s;

Page 4 The obvious diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian issue would have been a prosperous, neutral, demilitarized Ukraine, providing a buffer state both for Russia on its east and the Eastern Europeans on their west. Indeed, this is all that Putin has demanded. And if Putin were removed, as American neocons dream, his successor would demand it as well: it is an eternal Russian life-interest. Russia’s stance is supported not just by Putin but by American academics such as John Mearsheimer

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