6.De Beste beleggers ter Wereld en lessen

*Naast mijzelf ;-), natuurlijk;

*Jim Simons van Renaissance Technologies (simplest website I ever saw) AUM $ 110bn, 44% per annum (incl fees of 5% per annum, plus a performance fee from 66%!); Secrets of the Greatest Hedge Fund of All Time 9nov2019. “The Man Who Solved the Market” book about Jim Simons Rentech by Gregory Zuckerman.

*RV Capital, Robert Vinall founder of The Business Owner hedgefund, +21% p/a since oct 2008 (Victor started as well on the same month 😉. Largest 3 positions account for 50% of the assets. Upto sep 2019 +17.3% DAX 17.7%. AUM 221mln.

*One thing I’ve been taught from day one “from the best/legend”, always look at the other side of the trade, every thesis has another side.

*Andrew Left from Citron Research on Quoth the Raven; No bullshit investing, fucking focused on making money

*Warren Buffet; Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the mkts shut down for 10 years

*David Tepper explains his investing philosophy with the phrases “trees grow” and “Those who keep their heads while others are panicking do well.”In other words, growth is natural and optimism tend to get rewarded over time. He is accustomed to invest a large portion of his portfolio into a single idea. Tepper made most of his money out of the recoveries from big market corrections – emerging markets in 1997, the tech crash in 2000-2002, the financial crisis in 2008. Not during, after. His fund lost 25% in 2008. Made 120% after fees in 2009. Big corrections create big opportunities. (David was short going into the 1987 crash. Going into the crash I had set up my entire portfolio as just short – I had no long positions. I made a fortune during and after the crash. It was very cool).

The Big Thing Investors Have Trouble Accepting